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When FuseMedia was founded in 2006, it was one of the first companies in the nation dedicated to the production of online video. "We saw the revolution", says FuseMedia founder Chris Macdonald. "Businesses had a powerful new way to market themselves and we had the expertise to make it happen."


Based in Aspen, Colorado, FuseMedia set a course to create "engaging, brand specific, and emotionally packed" HD video as a marketing tool for business across the Rocky Mountain West. And it's taken off. Today, FuseMedia is one of the leaders in a growing online video industry, with a dramatic portfolio of clients statewide.


FuseMedia has been honored with Emmy nominations for its cinematography and editing work. But their success is more the result of its strategic approach to project management - a disciplined four step process that includes research, collaboration, brainstorming, and idea generation well before the camera rolls. "It's a business oriented approach to video production that we committed to early on", says Macdonald. "It is perhaps our strongest competitive advantage". 

Chris Macdonald, Owner 970.309.6213

Chris has worked in film and video production for over 20 years. His film and broadcast clients have included: NBC, ABC, ESPN, Outdoor Life Network, Animal Planet, and Plum TV. His FuseMedia portfolio boasts over hundreds of videos, ranging from company profile "shorts" to TV episodes and broadcast commercials. He is a native of Aspen, CO, a former US Telemark Team Member, and now enjoys playing hockey in his free time.


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