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There are thousands of video companies out there. FuseMedia is different. We craft video

solutions that get results. See for yourself. Check out the case sudies below.


Case Studies //


Client: Colorado River District

Scope of work: The Colorado River District needed to raise public awareness for water issues in Western Colorado. Their desire was an easily accessible medium less "bureaucratic" than traditional print media, that could be distributed in various ways.


We decided to achieve this by producing a series of short "documentary" videos tackling specific water issues. Key themes

were enhanced and underscored by incorporating varied perspectives from an array of influential personalities.


Today, the videos are shown in educational & public settings, used by various organizations and individuals interested in water issues, and are featured on regional TV and at a number of film festivals. FuseMedia received two Telly Awards for best online documentary series and best online educational series for this work.

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